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Mar 26, 2013 12:35am PDT
joining us. craigslist has grown from a collection of small san francisco job postings to a global marketplace the destination for people looking for carburetors to cuisinarts. a boom for backyard commerce and at worse an online pawnshop for thieves look to unload stolen goods. neal karlinsky follows a group of police specialists dedicated to busting craigslist crimes. >> reporter: you are seeing two armed men holding up a pawnshop in broad daylight taking jewelry out of the case. and here three burglars caught on tape inside a home taking everything in sight. in the last few weeks a rash of burglaries across the country. but it's just the beginning. there are nearly a thousand robberies a day nationwide according to the most recent figures and it's more than just bank robberies it's everything and it's big business for the bad guys. but fencing all this stolen stuff just got a little more tricky. inside this cramped office at the portland police department the shopping spree never ends. if you're thinking right about now this is not your average burglary squad you're right. these
Mar 15, 2013 12:35am PDT
. >> so i'm here with mike wilson. you're from -- >> san francisco, california. >> you've tried the coffee? >> i have. it is rich and smooth. >> you're saying rich and smooth. but there is an elephant's butt right in the background. >> i understand. >> reporter: that laughter is music to dinkin's ears. it all starts here. this remote mountain side where the beans are grown. local villagers pick, wash and dry the beans and then feed them to the elephants. >> this is cooking for elephants 101. it is a mixture of coffee beans, rice, fruit, finer and water. >> when we eat fiber, there is a certain reaction. >> it wouldn't hurt. >> reporter: anywhere from 15 to 70 hours later, the beans are ready to be -- recovered. yeah. i'm going to wear gloves for this. >> oh, yeah. this is the highlight of my career. >> reporter: if it looks dirty, yeah, it is. the crap-occino jokes aside, business is booming. what about the elephants? is it safe for animal to be eating that much coffee? >> there will be people saying you're out to make a quick buck. >> we operate in a trans parent manner. tourists c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2